How to Soothe your Teething Baby Naturally

Is there anything worse than seeing your baby in pain and not knowing how to make it better? Teething can be a really hard time for both parents and babies. If red gums, excessive drooling, sleepless nights, difficulty feeding, constant biting and general grumpiness are becoming a part of your baby’s life, it’s likely that junior is starting to push out teeth.

Remember how painful it was when your wisdom teeth came through? Your baby is having to go through the same thing, only with more teeth and no way to communicate how bad the situation is to you. If you’d like to soothe their discomfort a bit without needing to resort to medicines and creams, use these natural pain-killing techniques.

A Wet Washcloth
Wet a normal washcloth and leave it in the freezer inside a ziplock bag. Your baby will love the cooling sensation while the texture of the washcloth provides light massage on their sore gums. You can even chill some cucumber or banana and give it to him in a baby mesh feeder. If you’re still breastfeeding, why not freeze some breast milk instead?

Refrigerated Dummy or Teether
Pop your baby’s normal dummy or teether in the fridge before they need it. Again, the cool temperature will feel great on hot gums. If the handle can be removed, it will also save their hands from getting too cold and hurting.

Room Temperature Teether

If baby doesn’t like the cold in her mouth, you can use a normal, room temperature teether. There are necklaces that double as teethers that you can use to make sure you always have something on hand.

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Rub Gums
Sometimes it’s best to get hands on. Very gently rub baby’s gums with your pinky finger. The light counter pressure will relieve his discomfort.

Ice Cold Bottle
I think we all know the pain that Mum can experience at feeding time with a teething baby. Give your baby an ice cold bottle with a soft nipple to gnaw on to protect yours.

Warm bath with olive oil and baby massage
Sometimes all we need is a nice, warm bath and a massage to relax, and baby is no different. Giving her a warm bath and treating her to an olive oil baby massage might just calm her down enough to worry less about the pain.

A temperature is not usually a sign of teething, so if that symptom is present it’s best to see a doctor. You should also see a doctor before using any medicines or creams on your baby, as the dosages can be different depending on age, size and developmental stage. Remember, the best therapy for an unhappy and sore baby can often be lots of cuddles from mum and dad, so be sure to give those out as much as possible.


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