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Welcome to La Vera Kids, where fashion meets functionality for your little ones.

I'm Natalija, the proud founder of La Vera Kids fashion label. As a qualified Children's stylist and a busy mother of three beautiful kids, I understand the joys and challenges of parenting firsthand.

With a deep love for all things sparkly and pretty, I've designed a luxurious collection of personalized Insta-worthy matching pacifiers/dummies, crystal shoes, and accessories. All our products are crafted with passion in our Australian studio located in Adelaide.

At La Vera Kids, we combine 15 years of experience in the fashion industry with the real-life experiences of parents like us. From early morning wake-ups to endless bursts of energy throughout the day, we know what it takes to keep up with kids' ever-changing needs.

Our designs are inspired by the limitless imagination of children and the practicality that parenthood demands. We aim to create a perfect blend of creativity, quality, and aesthetics that caters to the real-life scenarios your kids encounter every day.

Discover it all at La Vera Kids.

With love,